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O firmie
O firmie
O firmie
IDEAL 2000 euro
System, 70 mm wide, with internal sealing, five-chamber

System, 60 mm wide, 3-4-chamber. System ideal 2000 is a widely popular classic. Its firm profile allows manufacturing of windows of different shapes and purposes providing proper functionality. High quality products and galvanized steel reinforcement guarantee durability of windows within system ideal 2000. A system of dual sealing with fitted packing made of weather-resistant materials, as well as use of a proper multiple glazing guarantee extensive thermal and acoustic insulation. System ideal 2000 can be used practically in all types of buildings. It has a wide range of system composition variants with reverse surfaces of the wing and furniture (non-facing variant), with the external surface placed in the middle of the frame (semi-facing variant), and external surfaces of the sash and frame placed in the same plane (facing variant). This system can be installed in historical buildings, as well as family houses, avant-garde office or multi-storey buildings. Utilization of styled profiles and decorative imposts makes it possible to achieve a full stylistic match of the windows with the facade and interior of the building.

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